Here are some features of Web Explorer:

Share Center

Speed Dial

The Speed Dial is a group of visual bookmarks that appears every time you open a new tab, giving you quick access to your favorite sites. Each item in the Speed Dial is represented by a thumbnail or icon.

Keep it simple

Share Center

The Sharing Center provides quick shortcuts to open page. You can share the page on Facebook, Twitter, Google +,, Reddit, email or generating a QRCode to open the page on a mobile device equipped with the reader.

Stay safer and more private

Simple and direct settings

The Web Explorer has a simple and direct interface to the more desired configurations that includes several built-in features that other browsers have only through extensions.

Get more done

Do more

The recently closed tabs, a fully customizable central search and other minor improvements save your online time and makes the whole much more enjoyable browsing experience.

Discover more content

Library - where everything happens

In Web Explorer all storable items are available in the library, items such as bookmarks, history, plug-ins, extensions, widgets and profile. All in one place! For Web Explorer your time is too valuable to be wasted looking for menus ...

Do More on the Web using a browser really fast and privacy!